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Greetings to our members of Pine View and the community at large. 

With the increased spread of the Covid 19 virus in our Wisconsin communities, it is essential to rigorously implement precautionary and preventative procedures at the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Center.

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First, Pine View has established and implemented specific protocols to protect our staff and volunteers in an attempt to reduce cross contamination of this virus and to protect their well being and those of their families.

Second, we have increased our existing cleaning/sterilization procedures which focus both on patient and human safeguards.

Third, we have created admit procedures for the public which include:
    - Phone calls prior to drop offs are absolutely required.  
    - We ask all individuals who have a wildlife patient in their possession and seek to admit to Pine View, that they secure the wildlife in a box or container prior to bringing to Pine View.
    - Our staff will greet those bringing a patient and direct them to a drop off spot at the property where the patient will be placed on the ground at least 6 ft from our team.
    - Any information requested will be conducted at that time a safe distance away or communicated on line. 

Donations will continue to be accepted at Pine View.

Again, we request a phone call prior to drop off to ensure protection for all individuals involved. Pine View will continue to admit wildlife calls, patients, and donations during this pandemic.

Any questions, please contact us at: 262 692 9021

Thank you. Best of health to all. Jeannie