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Do's and Don'ts Regarding Wildlife

How do you safely assist injured or displaced young wildlife?
When you find wildlife in need, do you know what to do? Do you know what you should
not to do?
baby turtles
If you find a wild animal with the following symptoms, call a local rehabilitator or your DNR:

• An obvious injury like a broken bone or bleeding
• Covered with maggots or flies
• Cannot flee from humans or danger
• Cannot stand
• Uncoordinated movements
If it is a young creature, intervene if it is found by a dead parent (cold to the touch or has many parasites).

If you attempt to handle the creature, wear gloves, move other people away, approach slowly, cover the animal with a light towel or cloth, keep pets and children away, and transport in a closed box or paper bag.

DO NOT feed or provide water.

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