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Meet our Residents

Nothing stops our hard working volunteer crew from daily caring for the permanent residents of Pine View!  The reptiles and birds of prey need fresh food and water every day in addition to health checks and exercise. For 365 days a year, our permanent residents require continual training, exercise, sunshine, feeding, and cleaning. Regardless of the weather, maintaining their quality of life is essential.

Bald Eagle Our resident Bald Eagle, Nayeli, likes the winter weather! During her exercise routine, she basks in the warm sun. 

Kona was hit by a car in 2018 and has eye and ear damage which means he's unable to hunt.       kona

Koda  Koda came to Pine View in 2012 after people tried to keep him as a pet.

Darth Vader was transferred to Pine View in 2012 after sustaining severer wing damage.   Darth Vader

pete and sally Pete and Sally

We have 16 box turtles, 7 water turtles, and 4 tortoises at Pine View.

Wahosi was transferred to us in 2016 from another facility. She was hit by a car and has eye and ear damage.    waholi

nisha Nisha transferred to Pine View in 2008 from a rehabilitation facility.

Zola came to us from a captive breeding facility in 2008. zola

peta Peta was brought to Pine View in 1996 after he was shot with a BB gun. He lost his vision in one eye has vision impairment in the other.

Sundara was rescued in 2018 after being hit by a car. She had a fractured radius. Sundara

onatah Onatah was admitted to Pine View in 2003 after she was found at a construction site. One of her wings had to be amputated past the wrist joint.

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