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We continue to collaborate with Quad Packaging on our Educational Outreach Programs. We will be implementing a pilot program in 2019 called Trees are Treasures for students in K-3. More information can be found on our Education page. Pictures from this program will be posted on this site.

In addition, we will be presenting to several community organizations and nature groups such as Treasures of Oz. When dates and details are set, we will post them on the website if they are open to members and the public.

We are looking forward to programs such as these, and we're excited to spread the word about what we can do to help wildlife and our environment.

In addition to continuing to admit owls caught in soccer nets, turtles hit by cars, starving fox covered with mange, and on and on ... construction through this hot and mosquito-laden early fall continues. From the inner depths of the Pine View barn, where blueprints are nailed to the 1869 timbers, to the evolution of the first sides of the new flight cage, life is full for all the volunteers and staff. Onward! Mission to Movement!!
construction in barn construction in barn

On a beautiful June afternoon, Pine View hosted a very special tour group. Our State Representative from the 60th District, Robert Brooks, and his adjuncts stopped by for a visit touring both locations. His last visit was over 20 years ago when he was leader of the Saukville Boy Scouts. To this day, we have multiple outdoor bird-of-prey enclosures designed and built by those scouts! A very small world! It was a morning of sharing, learning, and renewing commitments. We wish to express our thanks to Robert and team for taking a Saturday to visit Pine View. In addition, he gifted to Pine View a much needed riding lawn mower for Pine View South. Our crew is so appreciative! Thanks, Robert!

Yea! The lumber for our new flight cage has arrived! Very exciting!!
Lumber for flight cage

Work has begun on the new well at Pine View South!! This is one of the exciting projects we are implementing and one that has been funded by private donations. In addition to the well, we are also building a new flight cage, and soon we'll start on replacing our septic system. We appreciate all of you who have contributed to these necessary projects here at Pine View. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you to all for your gifts as we move forward to protect our wildlife.
Well work Well work

Selling Fox! This is NOT acceptable! Fox are wild animals not pets! Sure they are cute- but they are high energy intelligent animals that need to live in the wild- not in a cage. Pine View has received numerous foxes over the years that have been kept in dark, cramped, inappropriate living conditions because someone thought it would be "fun" to have them as a pet and irresponsible sellers like this one don't care. Some have had to be euthanized as a result of their poor living conditions. Foxes have a scent gland that once they mature they smell very skunk like. They have very special nutritional needs.
For for sale

Learn what to do if you find a wild animal.

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