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Selling Fox! This is NOT acceptable! Fox are wild animals not pets! Sure they are cute- but they are high energy intelligent animals that need to live in the wild- not in a cage. Pine View has received numerous foxes over the years that have been kept in dark, cramped, inappropriate living conditions because someone thought it would be "fun" to have them as a pet and irresponsible sellers like this one don't care. Some have had to be euthanized as a result of their poor living conditions. Foxes have a scent gland that once they mature they smell very skunk like. They have very special nutritional needs.
For for sale

Our work continues to preserve our 1859 barn. It houses one of our flight cages and is a very important part of Pine View. In addition to some problems with the roof, we also have discovered issues with the base of the barn. Your support is vitally needed. Any contributions towards the restoration of the barn would be greatly appreciated.
barn barn

Taking advantage of the rare warm February weather, Peta Kahn, our retired educational ambassador, literally basked in the sunshine in a tree outdoors.
Peta in the sun

We have a sad update on the fox that was admitted after being caught in a trap. For details and warnings, see our Patients page.

This is why we are here and we do what we do!!!

Imagine the quality of life for two victimized young fox who have spent 3 and 5 years respectively whithin these awful wire enclosures. Imagine spending every day never touching grass, crossing the earth, digging, running, and feeling the sunshine or rain?
fox in cage fox in cage
fox  fox and bowl  fox 
Thanks to the efforts of the staff of Wildlife in Need. They rescued the two fox from these confines and traveled to Pine View for a hopeful release of the fox back into the wild. Fed only cheap dogfood, the fox are not only overweight, their hind legs are compromised as a result of no exercise. Our mantra has been and continues to be THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PET WILD ANIMAL.

Your donations and contributions will benefit these two patients over the next few months. We will keep you updated. Thanks to the staff of both Wildlife in Need and Pine View.

Mouse House Pine View South is currently renovating a building to become a "Mouse House". This will allow PVS to raise rats and mice in order to feed the many raptor and mammal patients it cares for. We believe feeding the animals a natural diet (that they would typically hunt in the wild) not only helps them learn to recognize natural prey during the rahabilitation process but also provides them with optimal nutrition during their recovery.

Any donations towards this project would be greatly appreciated.

A special group of volunteers from Kleen Test Corporation pulled garlic mustard on a damp Saturday afternoon.
volunteers pulling garlic mustardvolunteers pulling garlic mustardpulling garlic mustard    

Don, a 20-year volunteer at Pine View, labors constructing a new ramp for our tortoises.
building ramp

Learn what to do if you find a wild animal.

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