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New Patients - Follow Their Journeys

Winter 2017/2018

On December 18, a Great Horned Owl was admitted after he was found on the side of the road in Waldo. He was admitted with severe bruising on both wings, but luckily he had no fractures. After a month of rest and flight therapy, he was released back to the same area where he was found.
GHO GHO release GHO Release

This young, first-year Red-Tailed Hawk was admitted to Pine View the day before Thanksgiving after being hit by a car in Cedar Grove. She was extremely lucky not to have any fractures or major injuries and was released in early to mid December.
Red tailed hawk Red tailed hawk
red tailed hawk red tailed hawk

Unfortunately, not all of our stories have happy endings, especially at this time of year. This little Screech Owl was admitted on December 4 from Newburg with injures typical of being hit by a car. The vet discovered that she was cortically blind in one eye due to head trauma, and her other eye was also not functioning. Knowing that she could not survive with blindness in the wild, it was determined that she should be euthanized.
screech screech

Fall 2017

After over six months recuperating and participating in our rehabitation therapy and pre-flight training, this gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawk was released back to the wild on a beautiful late November afternoon. The joys of rehabilitation! Thanks to our membership for your support.
hark hawk
hawk  hawk  hawk 

Two new patients were recently admitted to our hospital. The first is a Saw-whet Owl who came to us from Cedar Grove with strained wing muscles after being caught in a net. Its stay with us was short; it was released back in Cedar Grove last week. The second patient is a Peregrine Falcon sent to us from the WE Energies power station in Sheboygan. WE Energies have built nesting boxes at their plants with considerable success. This bird is being treated for a fractured metacarpal.
saw-whet peregrine

At our annual Gala, we released the last of the Great Horned Owls we had rehabilitated this year. Justin Walker, an Ozaukee-based photographer, was able to capture this moment.
Owl release

As we enter October, Pine View begins to release many of the owls we have cared for since April or May. Here is Kristen releasing one of our screech owls.
screech owl release sceech owl released

Summer 2017

A long-time Pine View volunteer took some time from her "regular" job to help a duck with an injured foot. The duck has been named Princess Aurora and the staff is optimistic she will be better soon.
woman with duck injured duck

This immature peregrine was forwarded by our friends from Fellow Mortals in Lake Geneva. The bird needs time to continue to develop flight abilities while learning to identify and catch live prey. This is another reason for our much-needed new flight cage. The bird will be released soon as it has been successful in hunting and killing prey.
Peregrine Peregrine

This immature Merlin was rescued by a couple who discovered the bird lying in the middle of County Trunk I in Cedarburg. An infrequent visitor to this area, the bird was dehydrated and emaciated. As the summer comes to a close for us humans, this season becomes the challenge for the young birds to survive on their own. At the present time, the bird is recuperating and beginning to eat on its own.

Spring 2017

Pine View admitted 10 fox this year including the ones mentioned below. Nine of these were released back to the wild. The photos below illustrate how the fox matured up until the time they were released last week.
fox pups bigger pup
fox release

Pine View admitted eight young Great Horned Owl this spring. The first photo shows how they look when they were admitted. The second is when the juveniles are now ready to leave the pre-flight cages and head toward the larger enclosures which will promote flight, accuracy in hunting, and navigability. Unfortunately, we are lacking the necessary additional flight cage to accommodate their needs. Our GoFundMe page (along with private donations) will hopefully provide the funds for the needed. Your support is urgently needed. On behalf of these birds, thank you.
young owl juvenile owl

As a result of recent heavy storms, this young eagle that was born a few months ago was grounded. The strong winds north of Manitowoc caused the entire nest and supportive branches to fall to the ground.

One eaglet died, one is ok, and this one suffered a fractured humerus. Fingers crossed.

This is another good reason for a new flight cage.
young eagle

An adult male snapper was was found off a pier in Waterford, WI, with an arrow going through his entire body. The homeowner thought it might have happened when people were hunting carp and hit the turtle by accident. Due to extensive internal injuries, the turtle had to be euthanized.
injured turtle injured turtle

Here are our two newest patients. It's a bit late in the season, but this Great Horned Owl has an attitude and is doing well. The fox was rescued from Kenosha where he was found when his mother died. The pup was in a live trap for two days without food or water.
GHO Fox pup

These 3 fox pups had been trapped in a 5-foot well for nearly a week! Luckily, there were found by the property owners who gave us a call. They have now been admitted to our hospital for evaluation and care.
well well
well well
fox pups rescued from well fox pups rescued from well fox pups rescued from well

A Screech Owl was rescued by a citizen after it was hit by a car. Weeks later after treatment, we were able to release it back to the wild. screech owl

These two fox were brought to us by the DNR. People had kept them as pets! Because they had only been kept for one year, it is possible they can be released to the wild. But please remember our mantra....THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PET WILD ANIMAL!
fox fox

Our first owl arrived thanks to Fellow Mortals. It's just 4 days old and still has its egg tooth on its beak. It is currently in stable condition, and we will provide more information in the spring newsletter.
baby owl

Our mantra at Pine View is "There is no such thing as a pet wild animal".

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