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Pine View has extended knowledge in two areas of rehabilitation.  Through more than 35 years of experience rehabilitating, the Red Fox and Birds of Prey are our areas of specialization.  We wish to share what our patients have instinctively taught us.  We continue to learn.Turtle Rehab

Many of Pine View's patients are brought to the Center by concerned individuals in surrounding communities.  Others come from local animal shelters or are transferred from other rehab centers.  When necessary, trained members of the Center's staff go out into the community to rescue troubled birds or animals.

Upon arrival at the Center, an animal is examined and attended to by staff members and volunteers.  Pine View is fortunate to two area veterinary clinics that donate their time and services for those animals whose injuries are severe.
Hawk Surgery
After diagnosis, a rehabilitation protocol is instituted for each specific bird or animal.  The goal is to  stabilize and strengthen the animal for eventual release back into the wild.  In the case of orphaned baby animals, the young are cared for with as little human contact as possible to avoid imprinting.

Once a patient is exhibiting wild behaviors and proves that it is able to care for itself, it is ready for release.  If possible, birds and animals are released in the same area where they were found.  Animals that were rescured from urban or heavily populated areas are relocated to more appropriate habitat.fox release

The release of an animals is truly a special event at Pine View.  There is nothing more rewarding for the Center's staff than watching a fox run off into the woods or an owl fly freely once again after a successful rehabilitation.

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