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What We Do at Pine View

Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is entering its 38th year providing wildlife rehabilitation care and education to over 16 counties in Wisconsin. For the last 16 years, our hospital specialized in a variety of birds of prey, including hawks, owls, eagles and falcons. We also admit fox, coyote, badger and other predatory mammals. Our staff is licensed and trained specifically for these unique species.  

Our formal educational environmental outreach programs are presented to schools, nature centers, scout groups and other social and civic organizations. We also host on- site tours of the center by appointment from May-October. (See our residents who participate in these programs.)

Additionally, we provide a task force when intermediary solutions are needed to problem solve conflicts between humans and wildlife.
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As human growth continues, so does the eradication of many wildlife homes. To survive and perpetuate their species they must adapt. Coyote and fox are just two examples of creatures that when losing their woods and meadows, seek shelter and a refuge in which to raise their young, wherever they can. That might include under peoples' decks, in woodpiles, or  brush piles. Pine View answers over 20 calls per year regarding how to coexist or at least manage this short term association. We have also participated in town board meetings, assisted in newspaper articles and visited special homes to provide data, facts and figures to dispel age old myths and fears. 

If you find wildlife in need, please refer to this page for a list of actions for what to do and what not to do.