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Wildlife Action Alerts

On this page, you will find news articles relating to wildlife concerns and global issues. We offer these to you to help keep you educated and to encourage you to become involved.

A great story about Bear Quintuplets! Read all about it here.

Great Horned Owl loses life in a trap. Read about this senseless death here.

Wisconsin and Coyote-Killing Contests
Read about how Wisconsin allows these contests here.

Powassan Virus
Good article from the Center of Disease Control about this virus and how it is transmitted.

Snowy Owls Aren't Starving
An article from All About Birds and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Wisconsin DNR Drops Toxicology Post
Decisions such as the removal of this position, designed to ensure quality of water for all species, including humans, jeopardize our lives and futures. Read about this decision here.


An excellent movie on climate change

Please take 45 minutes to watch the National Geographic special, Before the Flood. This is a riveting account of the dramatic changes being seen around the world. It features Leonardo DiCaprio.

Before the flood is showing on the National Geographic channel, and it is available for viewing on their website. You can also stream it from Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, FaceBook and others.
before the food

Red Tailed Hark article

Here's an excellent article about the current status of the Red-Tailed Hark.

Important Information about Fresh Water Turtles

Please take a moment and read about the news pertaining to Fresh Water Turtles.

Genetically-Engineered Creeping Bentgrass
Read an article posted on EcoWatch about the USDA's final statement on GE creeping bentgrass.

Commercial Harvest and Exportation of Snapping Turtles in the US
Read an abstract of an article that appeared in Herpdigest recently.

If you see an article that you would like to share with the Pine View community, please let us know.

Thank you.

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